Eastern Nebraska Senior Golf Association




   KEVIN            ADAMS

          3                             GARY           LIEN                         RIVER WILDS

         10                             TOM             SKAMEK                   IRON HORSE

         14                             JIM               VLASAK                    FREMONT C C

         15                             GARY           LIEN                         PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB


   DON               ALBERRY

          1                             JACK            JACKSON                 ASHLAND

          2                             JACK            JACKSON                 THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          5                             JACK            JACKSON                 TABLE CREEK

          8                             JACK            JACKSON                 WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             JACK            JACKSON                 FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         16                             JACK            JACKSON                 FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB


   JEFF              ALLEN

          1                             GARY           TAYLOR                   ASHLAND

          2                             GARY           TAYLOR                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          4                             GARY           TAYLOR                   OAK HILLS CC

          6                             GARY           TAYLOR                   BENT TREE

          8                             GARY           TAYLOR                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             GARY           TAYLOR                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         11                             GARY           TAYLOR                   WOODLAND HILLS GC

         14                             GARY           TAYLOR                   FREMONT C C

         15                             GARY           TAYLOR                   PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         17                             GARY           TAYLOR                   PINES CC

         19                             GARY           TAYLOR                   TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   CRAIG            ANDERSON

          2                             LARRY          DEAN                        THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             ROGER         POWELL                   RIVER WILDS

          5                             LARRY          DEAN                        TABLE CREEK

          8                             ROGER         POWELL                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         14                             CRAIG          ANDERSON              FREMONT C C


   ROD               ANDERSON

          1                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 ASHLAND

          2                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 RIVER WILDS

          4                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 OAK HILLS CC

          5                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 TABLE CREEK

          6                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 BENT TREE

          7                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             TRACY         BAHLE                      IRON HORSE

         11                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 ELKS CLUB

         13                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 HIGHLANDS

         14                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 FREMONT C C

         15                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB


         16                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 PINES CC

         18                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 YANKEE HILL

         19                             MARTIN        MUELLER                 TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE



          4                             RICK             BREUNIG                  OAK HILLS CC

          6                             DAVID           WENNSTEDT           BENT TREE

          8                             RICK             BREUNIG                  WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             RICK             BREUNIG                  FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             RICK             BREUNIG                  IRON HORSE

         11                             RICK             BREUNIG                  WOODLAND HILLS GC

         14                             RICK             BREUNIG                  FREMONT C C

         15                             RICK             BREUNIG                  PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             RICK             BREUNIG                  FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             RICK             BREUNIG                  YANKEE HILL


   TIM                ANDERSON

          1                             ROD             SCHROEDER            ASHLAND

          3                             ROD             SCHROEDER            RIVER WILDS

          4                             ROD             SCHROEDER            OAK HILLS CC

          6                             ROD             SCHROEDER            BENT TREE

          7                             ROD             SCHROEDER            WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             ROD             SCHROEDER            WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         11                             ROD             SCHROEDER            WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             ROD             SCHROEDER            ELKS CLUB

         17                             ROD             SCHROEDER            PINES CC

         18                             ROD             SCHROEDER            YANKEE HILL


   LARRY           ANDERSON

          4                             STEVE          BALL                         OAK HILLS CC

         12                             STEVE          BALL                         ELKS CLUB


   JAMES           ARLT

          2                             ROD             SCHROEDER            THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          7                             FRANK          DEMETER                WILLOW LAKES GC

         17                             FRANK          DEMETER                PINES CC


   TOM               ARLT

          4                             JOE              ARLT                        OAK HILLS CC

         10                             TIM               ARLT                        IRON HORSE

         11                             ED                SHUSTER                 WOODLAND HILLS GC

         18                             TOM             ROGERS                  YANKEE HILL


   JOE                ARLT

          4                             TOM             ARLT                        OAK HILLS CC

         10                             TOM             ROGERS                  IRON HORSE

         18                             TIM               ARLT                        YANKEE HILL


   TIM                ARLT

          4                             TOM             ROGERS                  OAK HILLS CC

         10                             TOM             ARLT                        IRON HORSE

         18                             JOE              ARLT                        YANKEE HILL




          1                             JIM               HANEY                     ASHLAND

          2                             DON             DAUBMAN                THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                                                                                   RIVER WILDS

          4                                                                                   OAK HILLS CC

          5                                                                                   TABLE CREEK

          6                             JOHN            KAMPSCHNIEDER    BENT TREE

          7                                                                                   WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             JOHN            RETZER                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             DAVID           KACHEK                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             DON             DAUBMAN                IRON HORSE

         11                             STEVE          SCHMIDT                 WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                                                                                   ELKS CLUB

         15                                                                                   PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         17                             BRUCE         HARRIS                    PINES CC

         18                             DON             DAUBMAN                YANKEE HILL

         18                             DON             DAUBMAN                YANKEE HILL

         19                                                                                   TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   JOHN             BACHMANN

          6                             RICK             BREUNIG                  BENT TREE

          9                             MIKE             JOHNSON                FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         11                             DAVID           WENNSTEDT           WOODLAND HILLS GC

         18                             DAVID           WENNSTEDT           YANKEE HILL

         19                             DAVID           WENNSTEDT           TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   RONALD         BACON

          4                             RICK             COLLURA                 OAK HILLS CC

          6                             DOUGLAS     STEENSMA              BENT TREE

         10                             RICK             COLLURA                 IRON HORSE

         11                             RICK             COLLURA                 WOODLAND HILLS GC

         16                             RICK             COLLURA                 FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             RICK             COLLURA                 PINES CC

         19                             RICK             COLLURA                 TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   TRACY           BAHLE

          2                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             JERRY          BAHLE                      RIVER WILDS

          4                             JIM               WURGLER                OAK HILLS CC

          6                             RON             SIDES                       BENT TREE

          7                             DAVID           KRUEGER                WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             JERRY          BAHLE                      WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             ROD             ANDERSON              IRON HORSE

         11                             MARK           OLSON                     WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             JIM               WURGLER                ELKS CLUB

         14                             JERRY          BAHLE                      FREMONT C C

         15                             KEVIN           HUGHES                   PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         17                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            PINES CC

         18                             KEVIN           HUGHES                   YANKEE HILL

         19                             KEVIN           HUGHES                   TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE



   JERRY           BAHLE

          1                             LONNIE        EGGERS                   ASHLAND

          2                             JEFF             SOPER                     THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             TRACY         BAHLE                      RIVER WILDS

          4                             MARK           OLSON                     OAK HILLS CC

          8                             TRACY         BAHLE                      WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             MARK           OLSON                     IRON HORSE

         14                             TRACY         BAHLE                      FREMONT C C

         15                             JEFF             SOPER                     PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         19                             JEFF             SOPER                     TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   BRAD             BAKER

          8                             BILL              DEYKE                      WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         11                             PETE            BALERUD                 WOODLAND HILLS GC


   PETE              BALERUD

         11                             BRAD            BAKER                      WOODLAND HILLS GC


   STEVE           BALL

          4                             LARRY          ANDERSON              OAK HILLS CC

         12                             LARRY          ANDERSON              ELKS CLUB


   RAYNE           BALWANZ

          4                             RICHARD      LUEBBE                    OAK HILLS CC

         17                             ROBERT       BOSILJEVAC            PINES CC



          2                             GEORGE      HAESSLER               THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             JON              FRITZ                       RIVER WILDS

          6                             GEORGE      HAESSLER               BENT TREE

          7                             GEORGE      HAESSLER               WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             JON              FRITZ                       WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             JON              FRITZ                       IRON HORSE

         11                             GEORGE      HAESSLER               WOODLAND HILLS GC

         13                             JON              FRITZ                       HIGHLANDS

         16                             GEORGE      HAESSLER               FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             GEORGE      HAESSLER               YANKEE HILL


   GERALD         BEACH

          3                                                                                   RIVER WILDS

          4                             BOB              JOHNSON                OAK HILLS CC

          5                             BOB              JOHNSON                TABLE CREEK

          6                             BOB              JOHNSON                BENT TREE

          7                             BOB              JOHNSON                WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             BOB              JOHNSON                WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             BOB              JOHNSON                IRON HORSE

         11                             BOB              JOHNSON                WOODLAND HILLS GC

         13                             BOB              JOHNSON                HIGHLANDS

         14                             BOB              JOHNSON                FREMONT C C

         15                             BOB              JOHNSON                PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             BOB              JOHNSON                FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             BOB              JOHNSON                PINES CC

         18                             BOB              JOHNSON                YANKEE HILL


         19                             BOB              JOHNSON                TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE



          4                             DEAN            FOX                          OAK HILLS CC

          9                             DEAN            FOX                          FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         11                             DEAN            FOX                          WOODLAND HILLS GC

         15                             DEAN            FOX                          PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             DEAN            FOX                          FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             DEAN            FOX                          YANKEE HILL



          5                             ALAN            SHARPEE                 TABLE CREEK

          6                             ALAN            SHARPEE                 BENT TREE

          7                             ALAN            SHARPEE                 WILLOW LAKES GC

         12                             ALAN            SHARPEE                 ELKS CLUB

         18                             ALAN            SHARPEE                 YANKEE HILL


   LARRY           BELFIORE

          6                             JIM               BINDERUP                BENT TREE

          8                             ROBERT       BINDERUP                WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         12                             ERINE           GREENWALD           ELKS CLUB

         13                             JIM               BINDERUP                HIGHLANDS

         17                             ROBERT       BINDERUP                PINES CC

         19                             ERINE           GREENWALD           TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   LONNIE          BENSON

          3                             GREG           HANSEN                   RIVER WILDS

         14                             GREG           HANSEN                   FREMONT C C


   LARRY           BERGERSON

          2                             FRANK          DEMETER                THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             FRANK          DEMETER                RIVER WILDS

          4                             FRANK          DEMETER                OAK HILLS CC

          6                             DOUG           STAGEMEYER          BENT TREE

          8                             DOUG           STAGEMEYER          WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             FRANK          DEMETER                FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         11                             DOUG           STAGEMEYER          WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             FRANK          DEMETER                ELKS CLUB

         14                             FRANK          DEMETER                FREMONT C C

         15                             FRANK          DEMETER                PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             FRANK          DEMETER                FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             FRANK          DEMETER                YANKEE HILL


   JOE                BEVERIDGE

          3                             JOHN            MILLER                     RIVER WILDS

          6                             JOHN            MILLER                     BENT TREE

          8                             JOHN            MILLER                     WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         11                             JOHN            MILLER                     WOODLAND HILLS GC

         14                             JOHN            MILLER                     FREMONT C C

         18                             JOHN            MILLER                     YANKEE HILL

         19                             JOHN            MILLER                     TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE



          6                             ERINE           GREENWALD           BENT TREE


          8                             LARRY          BELFIORE                WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         12                             JIM               BINDERUP                ELKS CLUB

         13                             ERINE           GREENWALD           HIGHLANDS

         17                             LARRY          BELFIORE                PINES CC

         19                             JIM               BINDERUP                TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   JIM                 BINDERUP

          6                             LARRY          BELFIORE                BENT TREE

          8                             ERINE           GREENWALD           WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         12                             ROBERT       BINDERUP                ELKS CLUB

         13                             LARRY          BELFIORE                HIGHLANDS

         17                             ERINE           GREENWALD           PINES CC

         19                             ROBERT       BINDERUP                TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   MIKE              BLAIR

          2                             OLIVER         PIERCE                    THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             OLIVER         PIERCE                    RIVER WILDS

          8                             OLIVER         PIERCE                    WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             OLIVER         PIERCE                    IRON HORSE

         13                             OLIVER         PIERCE                    HIGHLANDS

         18                             OLIVER         PIERCE                    YANKEE HILL



          1                             RANDY         LUEBE                      ASHLAND

          2                             RICHARD      SHEPHERD              THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          2                             RICHARD      SHEPHERD              THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          4                             RICHARD      SHEPHERD              OAK HILLS CC

          8                                                                                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         11                             RANDY         LUEBE                      WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             RICHARD      SHEPHERD              ELKS CLUB

         16                             RANDY         LUEBE                      FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             RAYNE         BALWANZ                 PINES CC

         18                                                                                   YANKEE HILL


   LEO                BOSTON JR

          1                             JIM               COURY                     ASHLAND

          3                             JIM               COURY                     RIVER WILDS

          8                             JIM               COURY                     WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             JIM               COURY                     IRON HORSE

         11                             JIM               COURY                     WOODLAND HILLS GC

         15                             JIM               COURY                     PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB


   CARL              BRADY

          2                             RICHARD      HALLGREN               THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          6                             RICHARD      HALLGREN               BENT TREE

         10                             RICHARD      HALLGREN               IRON HORSE

         13                             RICHARD      HALLGREN               HIGHLANDS

         19                             RICHARD      HALLGREN               TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE



          1                             CHUCK         JOHNSON                ASHLAND

          2                             CHUCK         JOHNSON                THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          4                             CHUCK         JOHNSON                OAK HILLS CC


          5                             CHUCK         JOHNSON                TABLE CREEK

          6                             CHUCK         JOHNSON                BENT TREE

          7                             CHUCK         JOHNSON                WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             CHUCK         JOHNSON                WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             CHUCK         JOHNSON                FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA



          1                             ROGER         NELSON                   ASHLAND

          2                             TRACY         BAHLE                      THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             ROGER         NELSON                   RIVER WILDS

          4                             KEVIN           HUGHES                   OAK HILLS CC

          5                             KEVIN           HUGHES                   TABLE CREEK

          6                             MARSHALL   CHRISTENSEN         BENT TREE

          7                             ROGER         NELSON                   WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             DAVID           KRUEGER                WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             DAVID           KRUEGER                FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             MARSHALL   CHRISTENSEN         IRON HORSE

         11                             MARSHALL   CHRISTENSEN         WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             ROGER         NELSON                   ELKS CLUB

         13                             MARSHALL   CHRISTENSEN         HIGHLANDS

         14                             ROGER         NELSON                   FREMONT C C

         15                             ROGER         NELSON                   PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             ROGER         NELSON                   FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             TRACY         BAHLE                      PINES CC

         18                             ROGER         NELSON                   YANKEE HILL

         19                             ROGER         NELSON                   TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   RICK              BREUNIG

          4                             EVERETT     ANDERSON              OAK HILLS CC

          6                             JOHN            BACHMANN              BENT TREE

          8                             EVERETT     ANDERSON              WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             EVERETT     ANDERSON              FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             EVERETT     ANDERSON              IRON HORSE

         11                             EVERETT     ANDERSON              WOODLAND HILLS GC

         14                             EVERETT     ANDERSON              FREMONT C C

         15                             EVERETT     ANDERSON              PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             EVERETT     ANDERSON              FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             EVERETT     ANDERSON              YANKEE HILL

         19                             LARRY          MAI                           TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   BRUCE           BROWN

          6                                                                                   BENT TREE

          8                                                                                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                                                                                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                                                                                   IRON HORSE

         11                                                                                   WOODLAND HILLS GC

         13                                                                                   HIGHLANDS

         15                                                                                   PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                                                                                   FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB


   BILL                BRUENING


         10                             KEN              VESOITH                  IRON HORSE

         14                             KEN              VESOITH                  FREMONT C C

         18                             KEN              VESOITH                  YANKEE HILL


   MIKE              BUCHMAN

          4                             JIM               DESECK                   OAK HILLS CC

          8                             TOM             DEYKE                      WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         11                             JIM               DESECK                   WOODLAND HILLS GC

         16                             JERRY          DINEEN                    FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             JOE              DYESS                      YANKEE HILL


   MIKE              BURNS

          1                             RON             EISSLER                   ASHLAND

          2                             ROBERT       MATT                       THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             JERRY          TAUCRETI                RIVER WILDS

          4                             CHRIS          NIELSEN                   OAK HILLS CC

          5                             TERRY         TVRDIK                    TABLE CREEK

          6                             BRUCE         MORROW                 BENT TREE

          7                             JERRY          TAUCRETI                WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             JERRY          TAUCRETI                WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         11                             BRUCE         MORROW                 WOODLAND HILLS GC

         13                             JIM               RIHA                         HIGHLANDS

         14                             BRUCE         MORROW                 FREMONT C C

         15                             JIM               RIHA                         PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             BRUCE         MORROW                 FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             JERRY          TAUCRETI                PINES CC

         18                             BRUCE         MORROW                 YANKEE HILL

         19                             JERRY          TAUCRETI                TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE



          1                             KEVIN           HUGHES                   ASHLAND

          3                             DAVID           KRUEGER                RIVER WILDS

          6                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            BENT TREE

          8                             KEVIN           HUGHES                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            IRON HORSE

         11                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             DAVID           KRUEGER                ELKS CLUB

         13                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            HIGHLANDS

         14                             DAVID           KRUEGER                FREMONT C C


   RICK              COLLURA

          4                             RONALD       BACON                     OAK HILLS CC

         10                             RONALD       BACON                     IRON HORSE

         11                             RONALD       BACON                     WOODLAND HILLS GC

         16                             RONALD       BACON                     FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             RONALD       BACON                     PINES CC

         19                             RONALD       BACON                     TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   D. R.               CORRELL

          2                             DARRELL      PLUMB                     THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          6                             DARRELL      PLUMB                     BENT TREE

          9                             DARRELL      PLUMB                     FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA


         10                             DARRELL      PLUMB                     IRON HORSE

         15                             DARRELL      PLUMB                     PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         18                             DARRELL      PLUMB                     YANKEE HILL


   STEVEN         CORY

          3                             JOE              ITALIA                      RIVER WILDS

          6                             JOE              ITALIA                      BENT TREE

         11                             JOE              ITALIA                      WOODLAND HILLS GC

         16                             JOE              ITALIA                      FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB


   JIM                 COURY

          1                             LEO              BOSTON JR             ASHLAND

          3                             LEO              BOSTON JR             RIVER WILDS

          8                             LEO              BOSTON JR             WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             LEO              BOSTON JR             IRON HORSE

         11                             LEO              BOSTON JR             WOODLAND HILLS GC

         15                             LEO              BOSTON JR             PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB



          1                             WILFRED      HIGA                         ASHLAND

          3                             WILFRED      HIGA                         RIVER WILDS

          4                             WILFRED      HIGA                         OAK HILLS CC

          4                                                                                   OAK HILLS CC

          9                                                                                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             WILFRED      HIGA                         IRON HORSE

         12                             WILFRED      HIGA                         ELKS CLUB

         13                             BOB              HENRICHS               HIGHLANDS

         14                             BOB              HENRICHS               FREMONT C C

         15                             WILFRED      HIGA                         PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             WILFRED      HIGA                         FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             WILFRED      HIGA                         YANKEE HILL

         19                             WILFRED      HIGA                         TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   TOM               CROSS

          3                             JOHN            KLOPP                      RIVER WILDS

          4                             JOHN            KLOPP                      OAK HILLS CC

          6                             JOHN            KLOPP                      BENT TREE

          8                             JOHN            KLOPP                      WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         14                             JOHN            KLOPP                      FREMONT C C

         15                             JOHN            KLOPP                      PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             JOHN            KLOPP                      FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             JOHN            KLOPP                      PINES CC

         18                             JOHN            KLOPP                      YANKEE HILL

         19                             DON             EHLERS                    TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   RANDY           DAEHLING

         15                             LARRY          SEMIN                      PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB


   CHUCK           DAMBROSIA

          2                             RON             SIDES                       THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             RON             SIDES                       RIVER WILDS

          4                             RON             SIDES                       OAK HILLS CC

          6                                                                                   BENT TREE


         10                             RON             SIDES                       IRON HORSE

         12                             RON             SIDES                       ELKS CLUB

         17                             RON             SIDES                       PINES CC

         19                             RON             SIDES                       TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   DON               DAUBMAN

          2                             GEORGE      BABIARZ                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             GORDON      HUSSEY                   RIVER WILDS

         10                             GEORGE      BABIARZ                   IRON HORSE

         13                             BRUCE         HARRIS                    HIGHLANDS

         18                             GEORGE      BABIARZ                   YANKEE HILL


   LARRY           DEAN

          2                             CRAIG          ANDERSON              THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             BOB              REINHOLZ                RIVER WILDS

          4                             BOB              REINHOLZ                OAK HILLS CC

          5                             CRAIG          ANDERSON              TABLE CREEK

          6                             ROGER         POWELL                   BENT TREE

          8                             BOB              REINHOLZ                WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             BOB              REINHOLZ                FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         12                             CRAIG          ANDERSON              ELKS CLUB

         13                             ROGER         POWELL                   HIGHLANDS

         14                             ROGER         POWELL                   FREMONT C C

         15                             ROGER         POWELL                   PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             BOB              REINHOLZ                FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             CRAIG          ANDERSON              PINES CC

         18                             ROGER         POWELL                   YANKEE HILL

         19                             ROGER         POWELL                   TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   FRANK           DEMETER

          2                             LARRY          BERGERSON            THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             LARRY          BERGERSON            RIVER WILDS

          4                             LARRY          BERGERSON            OAK HILLS CC

          6                             GARY           SCHOONVELD          BENT TREE

          7                             JAMES          ARLT                        WILLOW LAKES GC

          9                             LARRY          BERGERSON            FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         12                             LARRY          BERGERSON            ELKS CLUB

         14                             LARRY          BERGERSON            FREMONT C C

         15                             LARRY          BERGERSON            PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             LARRY          BERGERSON            FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             JAMES          ARLT                        PINES CC

         18                             LARRY          BERGERSON            YANKEE HILL

         18                             LARRY          BERGERSON            YANKEE HILL


   DARREL         DENKER

          3                             WAYNE         UMAN                       RIVER WILDS

          3                             GAYLE          PETERSON              RIVER WILDS

         13                             GENE           POPPE                     HIGHLANDS


   JERRY           DENKINGER

          8                             JIM               JOHNSON                WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             JIM               JOHNSON                FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA


         10                             WOODIE       ARMITAGE               IRON HORSE

         13                             EDWARD      JOHNSON                HIGHLANDS

         14                             WOODIE       ARMITAGE               FREMONT C C

         17                             WOODIE       ARMITAGE               PINES CC

         19                             EDWARD      JOHNSON                TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   JIM                 DESECK

          4                             MIKE             BUCHMAN                OAK HILLS CC

         11                             MIKE             BUCHMAN                WOODLAND HILLS GC

         14                             JERRY          DINEEN                    FREMONT C C


   TOM               DEYKE

          8                             MIKE             BUCHMAN                WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         14                             BILL              DEYKE                      FREMONT C C


   BILL                DEYKE

          8                             BRAD            BAKER                      WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         14                             TOM             DEYKE                      FREMONT C C


   JERRY           DINEEN

         14                             JIM               DESECK                   FREMONT C C

         16                             MIKE             BUCHMAN                FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB


   JOHN             DOHE

          6                             TIM               YAGER                     BENT TREE

         10                             KEVIN           HUGHES                   IRON HORSE

         12                             TIM               YAGER                     ELKS CLUB

         14                             TIM               YAGER                     FREMONT C C

         18                             TIM               YAGER                     YANKEE HILL


   LARRY           DONAHUE

          2                             LADE            PIATT                       THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             LADE            PIATT                       RIVER WILDS

          9                             LADE            PIATT                       FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         16                             LADE            PIATT                       FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         19                             LADE            PIATT                       TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   THOM            DONALDSON

          4                             GREG           LITHERLAND            OAK HILLS CC

         13                             GREG           LITHERLAND            HIGHLANDS

         16                             GREG           LITHERLAND            FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         19                             GREG           LITHERLAND            TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   THOMAS        DORR

          2                             BILL              HOPPE                     THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          4                             JERRY          MRKVICKA               OAK HILLS CC

          6                             BILL              HOPPE                     BENT TREE

         12                             BILL              HOPPE                     ELKS CLUB

         17                             BILL              HOPPE                     PINES CC

         19                             JERRY          MRKVICKA               TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   JOE                DYESS

         18                             MIKE             BUCHMAN                YANKEE HILL


   JERRY           EBERS

          4                             LES               ORY                          OAK HILLS CC


          8                             RICK             OLSON                     WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             LES               ORY                          FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         14                             RICK             OLSON                     FREMONT C C

         16                             RICK             OLSON                     FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB


   LONNIE          EGGERS

          1                                                                                   ASHLAND

          3                             ROBERT       TRANT                     RIVER WILDS


   DON               EHLERS

          2                             DOUG           HOLTMEIER             THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             DOUG           HOLTMEIER             RIVER WILDS

          4                             DOUG           HOLTMEIER             OAK HILLS CC

          5                             DOUG           HOLTMEIER             TABLE CREEK

          6                             DOUG           HOLTMEIER             BENT TREE

          8                             DOUG           HOLTMEIER             WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             DOUG           HOLTMEIER             IRON HORSE

         11                             DOUG           HOLTMEIER             WOODLAND HILLS GC

         13                             DOUG           HOLTMEIER             HIGHLANDS

         16                             DOUG           HOLTMEIER             FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             DOUG           HOLTMEIER             PINES CC

         19                             TOM             CROSS                     TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   RON               EISSLER

          1                             MIKE             BURNS                     ASHLAND

          2                             JOHN            ONIK                         THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             STEVEN       OCONNOR               RIVER WILDS

          4                             MIKE             ONEAL                      OAK HILLS CC

         11                             MIKE             ONEAL                      WOODLAND HILLS GC


   DAN               ELSASSER

          2                             THOMAS      STEWART                THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             THOMAS      STEWART                RIVER WILDS

          4                             THOMAS      STEWART                OAK HILLS CC

          6                             THOMAS      STEWART                BENT TREE

         10                             THOMAS      STEWART                IRON HORSE

         11                             THOMAS      STEWART                WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             THOMAS      STEWART                ELKS CLUB

         13                             THOMAS      STEWART                HIGHLANDS

         14                             THOMAS      STEWART                FREMONT C C

         15                             THOMAS      STEWART                PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             THOMAS      STEWART                FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             THOMAS      STEWART                YANKEE HILL

         19                             THOMAS      STEWART                TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE



         16                             GARY           SCHOONVELD          FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB


   KIRK               ENGELBART

          3                             JOHN            KAMPSCHNIEDER    RIVER WILDS

          4                             STEVE          SCHMIDT                 OAK HILLS CC

          7                             STEVE          SCHMIDT                 WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             JIM               VLASAK                    WILDERNESS RIDGE GC


         13                             STEVE          SCHMIDT                 HIGHLANDS

         14                             STEVE          SCHMIDT                 FREMONT C C

         16                             STEVE          SCHMIDT                 FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             JIM               VLASAK                    PINES CC


   MIKE              ERDMAN

          4                             DON             EHLERS                    OAK HILLS CC

          5                             CRAIG          GRAEVE                   TABLE CREEK

          8                             CRAIG          GRAEVE                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         15                             CRAIG          GRAEVE                   PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             CRAIG          GRAEVE                   FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB


   ART                ESTES

          2                             BILL              MAVITY                    THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

         11                             BILL              MAVITY                    WOODLAND HILLS GC

         16                             BILL              MAVITY                    FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         19                             BILL              MAVITY                    TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   SCOTT           FAGOT

          4                             DAVE            MCARDLE                 OAK HILLS CC

         11                             DAVE            MCARDLE                 WOODLAND HILLS GC

         16                             DAVE            MCARDLE                 FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB


   MEL                FENDER

          2                             DENNIS        FRANKS                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             DENNIS        FRANKS                   RIVER WILDS

          4                             DENNIS        FRANKS                   OAK HILLS CC

          5                             DENNIS        FRANKS                   TABLE CREEK

          6                             DENNIS        FRANKS                   BENT TREE

          8                             DENNIS        FRANKS                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             DENNIS        FRANKS                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             DENNIS        FRANKS                   IRON HORSE

         11                             DENNIS        FRANKS                   WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             DENNIS        FRANKS                   ELKS CLUB

         15                             DENNIS        FRANKS                   PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         18                             DENNIS        FRANKS                   YANKEE HILL

         19                             DENNIS        FRANKS                   TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   JAMES           FINDLAY

          2                             CHARLES     MURRIN                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          7                             CHARLES     MURRIN                   WILLOW LAKES GC

         18                             CHARLES     MURRIN                   YANKEE HILL


   JERRY           FISHER

          9                             JIM               VLASAK                    FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             JIM               VLASAK                    IRON HORSE


   LARRY           FISHER

          1                             IRA               NATHAN                   ASHLAND

          6                             JIM               HARKNESS               BENT TREE

          9                             ROGER         REDMOND                FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         13                             JEFF             HARKNESS               HIGHLANDS


   VERGIL          FLODMAN


          1                             RODNEY       FLODMAN                 ASHLAND

          4                             RODNEY       FLODMAN                 OAK HILLS CC

          5                             BOB              MAY                          TABLE CREEK

          7                             RODNEY       FLODMAN                 WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             BERNARD     RAITER                    WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             BERNARD     RAITER                    FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             BERNARD     RAITER                    IRON HORSE

         11                             RODNEY       FLODMAN                 WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             RODNEY       FLODMAN                 ELKS CLUB

         13                             BERNARD     RAITER                    HIGHLANDS

         14                                                                                   FREMONT C C

         15                             BERNARD     RAITER                    PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             BERNARD     RAITER                    FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             RODNEY       FLODMAN                 PINES CC

         18                             BERNARD     RAITER                    YANKEE HILL

         19                             BERNARD     RAITER                    TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE



          1                                                                                   ASHLAND

          4                             VERGIL         FLODMAN                 OAK HILLS CC

          7                             VERGIL         FLODMAN                 WILLOW LAKES GC

         11                             VERGIL         FLODMAN                 WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             VERGIL         FLODMAN                 ELKS CLUB

         17                             VERGIL         FLODMAN                 PINES CC



          1                             ROGER         WELTE                     ASHLAND

          2                                                                                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          4                             ROGER         WELTE                     OAK HILLS CC

          7                             ROGER         WELTE                     WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             ROGER         WELTE                     WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                                                                                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                                                                                   IRON HORSE

         11                             ROGER         WELTE                     WOODLAND HILLS GC

         14                             WILFRED      HIGA                         FREMONT C C

         14                             WILFRED      HIGA                         FREMONT C C

         16                             ROGER         WELTE                     FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                                                                                   PINES CC

         18                             ROGER         WELTE                     YANKEE HILL

         19                             ROGER         WELTE                     TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   DEAN             FOX

          4                             MICHAEL      BEACHLER               OAK HILLS CC

          9                             MICHAEL      BEACHLER               FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         11                             MICHAEL      BEACHLER               WOODLAND HILLS GC

         15                             MICHAEL      BEACHLER               PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             MICHAEL      BEACHLER               FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             MICHAEL      BEACHLER               YANKEE HILL


   DENNIS          FRANKS

          2                             MEL              FENDER                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND


          3                             MEL              FENDER                   RIVER WILDS

          4                             MEL              FENDER                   OAK HILLS CC

          5                             MEL              FENDER                   TABLE CREEK

          6                             MEL              FENDER                   BENT TREE

          8                             MEL              FENDER                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             MEL              FENDER                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             MEL              FENDER                   IRON HORSE

         11                             MEL              FENDER                   WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             MEL              FENDER                   ELKS CLUB

         15                             MEL              FENDER                   PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         18                             MEL              FENDER                   YANKEE HILL

         19                             MEL              FENDER                   TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE



         12                             KENT            LIND                         ELKS CLUB

         15                             KENT            LIND                         PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB


   JON                FRITZ

          3                             STEPHEN     BARTLING                RIVER WILDS

          8                             STEPHEN     BARTLING                WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             STEPHEN     BARTLING                IRON HORSE

         13                             STEPHEN     BARTLING                HIGHLANDS


   CRAIG            GRAEVE

          5                             MIKE             ERDMAN                  TABLE CREEK

          8                             MIKE             ERDMAN                  WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         15                             MIKE             ERDMAN                  PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             MIKE             ERDMAN                  FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB


   FRED             GRAFTON

          5                                                                                   TABLE CREEK


   JOHN             GRASSO

          3                             KEVIN           HUGHES                   RIVER WILDS

          7                             BRUCE         HAMAN                     WILLOW LAKES GC


   HARRY           GREBE

          8                             LEE               HOLLANDER             WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             LEE               HOLLANDER             IRON HORSE

         11                             LEE               HOLLANDER             WOODLAND HILLS GC

         16                             LEE               HOLLANDER             FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB


   DENNIS          GREEN

          6                             BOB              SAUNDERS              BENT TREE


   ERINE            GREENWALD

          6                             ROBERT       BINDERUP                BENT TREE

          8                             JIM               BINDERUP                WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         12                             LARRY          BELFIORE                ELKS CLUB

         13                             ROBERT       BINDERUP                HIGHLANDS

         17                             JIM               BINDERUP                PINES CC

         19                             LARRY          BELFIORE                TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   AL                  GROAT

          5                             PAUL            WOSTER                  TABLE CREEK


          8                             PAUL            WOSTER                  WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         13                             PAUL            WOSTER                  HIGHLANDS

         13                             PAUL            WOSTER                  HIGHLANDS

         17                             PAUL            WOSTER                  PINES CC


   ROBERT        GROSS

          9                             DEAN            NERVIG                    FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA


   DAMIAN         GUINEY

          2                             JOHN            KAMPSCHNIEDER    THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          4                             JOHN            KAMPSCHNIEDER    OAK HILLS CC

          8                             JOHN            KAMPSCHNIEDER    WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             JOHN            KAMPSCHNIEDER    IRON HORSE


   TERRY           GUNDERSON

          7                             PAUL            SALANSKY               WILLOW LAKES GC


   RON               GUNIA

          1                                                                                   ASHLAND


   BOB               GUSTAFSON

          2                             JOHN            HARVEY JR.             THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             JOHN            HARVEY JR.             RIVER WILDS

          5                             JOHN            HARVEY JR.             TABLE CREEK

          6                             JOHN            HARVEY JR.             BENT TREE

          8                             JOHN            HARVEY JR.             WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             JOHN            HARVEY JR.             FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             JOHN            HARVEY JR.             IRON HORSE

         11                             JOHN            HARVEY JR.             WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             JOHN            HARVEY JR.             ELKS CLUB

         15                             JOHN            HARVEY JR.             PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         19                             JOHN            HARVEY JR.             TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE



          2                             STEPHEN     BARTLING                THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          6                             STEPHEN     BARTLING                BENT TREE

          7                             STEPHEN     BARTLING                WILLOW LAKES GC

         11                             STEPHEN     BARTLING                WOODLAND HILLS GC

         16                             STEPHEN     BARTLING                FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             STEPHEN     BARTLING                YANKEE HILL


   JOSEPH         HAINES

          3                             TOM             PENNEY                   RIVER WILDS

          7                             TOM             PENNEY                   WILLOW LAKES GC

          9                             TOM             PENNEY                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

          9                             TOM             PENNEY                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

          9                             TOM             PENNEY                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             TOM             PENNEY                   IRON HORSE



          2                             CARL            BRADY                     THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          6                             CARL            BRADY                     BENT TREE

         10                             CARL            BRADY                     IRON HORSE

         13                             CARL            BRADY                     HIGHLANDS


         19                             CARL            BRADY                     TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   BRUCE           HAMAN

          7                             JOHN            GRASSO                   WILLOW LAKES GC


   JIM                 HANEY

          1                             GEORGE      BABIARZ                   ASHLAND

          2                             JOHN            RETZER                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          4                             JOHN            RETZER                   OAK HILLS CC

          7                             LES               ORY                          WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             LON              LARSON                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             LON              LARSON                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             LON              LARSON                   IRON HORSE

         12                             JOHN            RETZER                   ELKS CLUB

         13                                                                                   HIGHLANDS

         15                                                                                   PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             LON              LARSON                   FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                                                                                   YANKEE HILL

         19                             LON              LARSON                   TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   LARRY           HANK

          8                             TERRY         HENKE                     WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             TERRY         HENKE                     IRON HORSE

         11                             TERRY         HENKE                     WOODLAND HILLS GC

         13                             TERRY         HENKE                     HIGHLANDS

         16                             TERRY         HENKE                     FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB


   GREG             HANSEN

          3                             LONNIE        BENSON                   RIVER WILDS

         14                             LONNIE        BENSON                   FREMONT C C


   JEFF              HARKNESS

          6                             ROGER         REDMOND                BENT TREE

         13                             LARRY          FISHER                     HIGHLANDS

         17                             JIM               HARKNESS               PINES CC


   JIM                 HARKNESS

          1                             ROGER         REDMOND                ASHLAND

          6                             LARRY          FISHER                     BENT TREE

          9                             IRA               NATHAN                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         13                             IRA               NATHAN                   HIGHLANDS

         17                             JEFF             HARKNESS               PINES CC


   BRUCE           HARRIS

          8                             STEVE          SCHMIDT                 WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             CRAIG          PENNELL                  IRON HORSE

         11                             GREG           LITHERLAND            WOODLAND HILLS GC

         13                             DON             DAUBMAN                HIGHLANDS

         17                             GEORGE      BABIARZ                   PINES CC


   JOHN             HARVEY JR.

          2                             BOB              GUSTAFSON            THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             BOB              GUSTAFSON            RIVER WILDS

          5                             BOB              GUSTAFSON            TABLE CREEK


          6                             BOB              GUSTAFSON            BENT TREE

          8                             BOB              GUSTAFSON            WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             BOB              GUSTAFSON            FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             BOB              GUSTAFSON            IRON HORSE

         11                             BOB              GUSTAFSON            WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             BOB              GUSTAFSON            ELKS CLUB

         15                             BOB              GUSTAFSON            PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         19                             BOB              GUSTAFSON            TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   REX                HAYWOOD

          2                             DOUGLAS     JOHNSON                THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          4                             DOUGLAS     JOHNSON                OAK HILLS CC

         12                             BOB              WOESTE                  ELKS CLUB

         16                             BOB              WOESTE                  FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             BOB              WOESTE                  YANKEE HILL


   TERRY           HENKE

          8                             LARRY          HANK                        WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             LARRY          HANK                        IRON HORSE

         11                             LARRY          HANK                        WOODLAND HILLS GC

         13                             LARRY          HANK                        HIGHLANDS

         16                             LARRY          HANK                        FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB



         14                             RON             HENRICHS               FREMONT C C


   RON               HENRICHS

         14                             RICHARD      HENRICHS               FREMONT C C


   BOB               HENRICHS

         14                             MARVIN        CRAWFORD             FREMONT C C


   MIKE              HERMAN

          4                                                                                   OAK HILLS CC

          8                                                                                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC


   TERRY           HEXUM

          1                             JOHN            KRAJICEK                ASHLAND

          3                             JOHN            KRAJICEK                RIVER WILDS

          4                             JOHN            KRAJICEK                OAK HILLS CC

          5                             JOHN            KRAJICEK                TABLE CREEK

          6                             JOHN            KRAJICEK                BENT TREE

          7                             JOHN            KRAJICEK                WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             JOHN            KRAJICEK                WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             JOHN            KRAJICEK                FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             JOHN            KRAJICEK                IRON HORSE

         11                             JOHN            KRAJICEK                WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             JOHN            KRAJICEK                ELKS CLUB

         15                             JOHN            KRAJICEK                PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             JOHN            KRAJICEK                FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             JOHN            KRAJICEK                PINES CC

         18                             JOHN            KRAJICEK                YANKEE HILL

         19                             JOHN            KRAJICEK                TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE




          1                             MARVIN        CRAWFORD             ASHLAND

          3                             MARVIN        CRAWFORD             RIVER WILDS

          4                             MARVIN        CRAWFORD             OAK HILLS CC

         10                             MARVIN        CRAWFORD             IRON HORSE

         12                             MARVIN        CRAWFORD             ELKS CLUB

         13                             MARVIN        CRAWFORD             HIGHLANDS

         14                             THOMAS      FORREST                 FREMONT C C

         15                             MARVIN        CRAWFORD             PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             MARVIN        CRAWFORD             FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             MARVIN        CRAWFORD             YANKEE HILL

         19                             MARVIN        CRAWFORD             TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   JOHN             HILLER

          4                             STEVE          HUGHES                   OAK HILLS CC

          5                             STEVE          HUGHES                   TABLE CREEK

          8                             STEVE          HUGHES                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC


   BRUCE           HOLCOMB

          2                                                                                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          4                                                                                   OAK HILLS CC

          6                                                                                   BENT TREE

         10                                                                                   IRON HORSE

         11                                                                                   WOODLAND HILLS GC

         19                                                                                   TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   LEE                HOLLANDER

          3                             JOEL            HOVDENES              RIVER WILDS

          8                             HARRY         GREBE                     WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             HARRY         GREBE                     IRON HORSE

         11                             HARRY         GREBE                     WOODLAND HILLS GC

         16                             HARRY         GREBE                     FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB


   DOUG            HOLTMEIER

          2                             DON             EHLERS                    THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             DON             EHLERS                    RIVER WILDS

          5                             DON             EHLERS                    TABLE CREEK

          6                             DON             EHLERS                    BENT TREE

          8                             DON             EHLERS                    WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             DON             EHLERS                    IRON HORSE

         11                             DON             EHLERS                    WOODLAND HILLS GC

         13                             DON             EHLERS                    HIGHLANDS

         16                             DON             EHLERS                    FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             DON             EHLERS                    PINES CC


   BILL                HOPPE

          2                             THOMAS      DORR                       THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          4                                                                                   OAK HILLS CC

          6                             THOMAS      DORR                       BENT TREE

         12                             THOMAS      DORR                       ELKS CLUB

         17                             THOMAS      DORR                       PINES CC

         19                                                                                   TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE



   RAY                HORSTMAN

          2                             RICH             KALAL                       THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          4                             RICH             KALAL                       OAK HILLS CC

          5                             RICH             KALAL                       TABLE CREEK

          9                             RICH             KALAL                       FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         11                             RICH             KALAL                       WOODLAND HILLS GC

         14                             RICH             KALAL                       FREMONT C C

         15                             RICH             KALAL                       PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             RICH             KALAL                       FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             RICH             KALAL                       YANKEE HILL

         19                             RICH             KALAL                       TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   JOEL              HOVDENES

          3                             LEE               HOLLANDER             RIVER WILDS


   KEVIN            HUGHES

          1                             MARSHALL   CHRISTENSEN         ASHLAND

          2                             DAVID           KRUEGER                THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             JOHN            GRASSO                   RIVER WILDS

          4                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            OAK HILLS CC

          5                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            TABLE CREEK

          6                             STEVE          HUGHES                   BENT TREE

          8                             MARSHALL   CHRISTENSEN         WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             ROGER         NELSON                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             JOHN            DOHE                       IRON HORSE

         11                             JIM               WURGLER                WOODLAND HILLS GC

         13                             DAN              JENSEN                    HIGHLANDS

         14                             STEVE          HUGHES                   FREMONT C C

         15                             TRACY         BAHLE                      PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         17                             MARK           OLSON                     PINES CC

         18                             TRACY         BAHLE                      YANKEE HILL

         19                             TRACY         BAHLE                      TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   STEVE           HUGHES

          4                             JOHN            HILLER                     OAK HILLS CC

          5                             JOHN            HILLER                     TABLE CREEK

          6                             KEVIN           HUGHES                   BENT TREE

          8                             JOHN            HILLER                     WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         13                             JERRY          OHLMANN                HIGHLANDS

         14                             KEVIN           HUGHES                   FREMONT C C

         15                             JERRY          OHLMANN                PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         18                             JERRY          OHLMANN                YANKEE HILL



          2                             DANIEL         SOMMER                  THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             DON             DAUBMAN                RIVER WILDS


   JOE                ITALIA

          3                             STEVEN       CORY                       RIVER WILDS

          6                             STEVEN       CORY                       BENT TREE

         11                             STEVEN       CORY                       WOODLAND HILLS GC

         16                             STEVEN       CORY                       FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB



   JACK              JACKSON

          1                             DON             ALBERRY                 ASHLAND

          2                             DON             ALBERRY                 THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          5                             DON             ALBERRY                 TABLE CREEK

          8                             DON             ALBERRY                 WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             DON             ALBERRY                 FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         14                             DON             ALBERRY                 FREMONT C C

         16                             DON             ALBERRY                 FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             DON             ALBERRY                 PINES CC

         18                             DON             ALBERRY                 YANKEE HILL

         19                             DON             ALBERRY                 TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   MARVIN         JANDA

          7                                                                                   WILLOW LAKES GC

         11                                                                                   WOODLAND HILLS GC

         14                             TERRY         TVRDIK                    FREMONT C C

         17                             TOM             TVRDIK                    PINES CC

         19                             TERRY         TVRDIK                    TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   DANIEL          JANICEK

          8                             ED                KRESHA                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             ED                KRESHA                   IRON HORSE

         11                             ED                KRESHA                   WOODLAND HILLS GC

         13                             ED                KRESHA                   HIGHLANDS

         16                             ED                KRESHA                   FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB


   RAY                JEMISON

          1                             THOMAS      WOLFE                     ASHLAND

          3                             THOMAS      WOLFE                     RIVER WILDS

          7                             THOMAS      WOLFE                     WILLOW LAKES GC

          9                             THOMAS      WOLFE                     FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         12                             THOMAS      WOLFE                     ELKS CLUB

         14                             THOMAS      WOLFE                     FREMONT C C

         17                             THOMAS      WOLFE                     PINES CC


   DAN               JENSEN

          2                                                                                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             THOMAS      WILBANKS                RIVER WILDS

          4                             THOMAS      WILBANKS                OAK HILLS CC

          8                                                                                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             THOMAS      WILBANKS                IRON HORSE

         11                             THOMAS      WILBANKS                WOODLAND HILLS GC

         13                             KEVIN           HUGHES                   HIGHLANDS

         14                             THOMAS      WILBANKS                FREMONT C C



          2                             REX              HAYWOOD               THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          4                             REX              HAYWOOD               OAK HILLS CC



          3                             JIM               JOHNSON                RIVER WILDS

          4                             JIM               JOHNSON                OAK HILLS CC

         10                             JIM               JOHNSON                IRON HORSE


         12                             JIM               JOHNSON                ELKS CLUB

         13                             JERRY          DENKINGER             HIGHLANDS

         19                             JERRY          DENKINGER             TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   JIM                 JOHNSON

          1                             EDWARD      JOHNSON                ASHLAND

          3                             EDWARD      JOHNSON                RIVER WILDS

          4                             EDWARD      JOHNSON                OAK HILLS CC

          4                                                                                   OAK HILLS CC

          8                             JERRY          DENKINGER             WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             JERRY          DENKINGER             FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             EDWARD      JOHNSON                IRON HORSE

         12                             EDWARD      JOHNSON                ELKS CLUB

         19                                                                                   TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   CHUCK           JOHNSON

          1                             ROLAND       BREMERS                ASHLAND

          2                             ROLAND       BREMERS                THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             RICH             KALAL                       RIVER WILDS

          4                             ROLAND       BREMERS                OAK HILLS CC

          5                             ROLAND       BREMERS                TABLE CREEK

          6                             ROLAND       BREMERS                BENT TREE

          7                             ROLAND       BREMERS                WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             ROLAND       BREMERS                WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             ROLAND       BREMERS                FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             ROLAND       BREMERS                IRON HORSE

         11                             ROLAND       BREMERS                WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             ROLAND       BREMERS                ELKS CLUB

         13                             ROLAND       BREMERS                HIGHLANDS

         14                             ROLAND       BREMERS                FREMONT C C

         15                             ROLAND       BREMERS                PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             ROLAND       BREMERS                FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             ROLAND       BREMERS                PINES CC

         18                             ROLAND       BREMERS                YANKEE HILL

         19                             ROLAND       BREMERS                TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   BOB               JOHNSON

          1                                                                                   ASHLAND

          2                                                                                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                                                                                   RIVER WILDS

          4                             GERALD       BEACH                     OAK HILLS CC

          5                             GERALD       BEACH                     TABLE CREEK

          6                             GERALD       BEACH                     BENT TREE

          7                             GERALD       BEACH                     WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             GERALD       BEACH                     WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             GERALD       BEACH                     IRON HORSE

         11                             GERALD       BEACH                     WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                                                                                   ELKS CLUB

         13                             GERALD       BEACH                     HIGHLANDS

         14                             GERALD       BEACH                     FREMONT C C

         15                             GERALD       BEACH                     PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB


         16                             GERALD       BEACH                     FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             GERALD       BEACH                     PINES CC

         18                             GERALD       BEACH                     YANKEE HILL

         19                             GERALD       BEACH                     TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   MIKE              JOHNSON

          5                             LARRY          MAI                           TABLE CREEK

          9                             JOHN            BACHMANN              FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         11                             LARRY          MAI                           WOODLAND HILLS GC


   DAVID            KACHEK

          1                             DON             MOSES                     ASHLAND

          2                             CRAIG          PENNELL                  THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          6                             CRAIG          PENNELL                  BENT TREE

          8                             DON             MOSES                     WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             GEORGE      BABIARZ                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             DON             MOSES                     IRON HORSE

         13                             DON             MOSES                     HIGHLANDS


   RICH              KALAL

          2                             RAY              HORSTMAN              THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             CHUCK         JOHNSON                RIVER WILDS

          4                             RAY              HORSTMAN              OAK HILLS CC

          5                             RAY              HORSTMAN              TABLE CREEK

          9                             RAY              HORSTMAN              FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         11                             RAY              HORSTMAN              WOODLAND HILLS GC

         14                             RAY              HORSTMAN              FREMONT C C

         15                             RAY              HORSTMAN              PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             RAY              HORSTMAN              FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             RAY              HORSTMAN              YANKEE HILL

         19                             RAY              HORSTMAN              TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE



          1                                                                                   ASHLAND

          2                             DAMIAN        GUINEY                    THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             KIRK             ENGELBART             RIVER WILDS

          4                             DAMIAN        GUINEY                    OAK HILLS CC

          5                                                                                   TABLE CREEK

          6                             GEORGE      BABIARZ                   BENT TREE

          7                                                                                   WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             DAMIAN        GUINEY                    WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             JOE              MULLER                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             DAMIAN        GUINEY                    IRON HORSE

         11                                                                                   WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             JOE              MULLER                   ELKS CLUB

         13                                                                                   HIGHLANDS

         15                                                                                   PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                                                                                   FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             JOE              MULLER                   PINES CC

         18                                                                                   YANKEE HILL

         19                             BRUCE         LITTLE                      TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE



   MIKE              KELLEN

          3                             VIC               KENSLER                 RIVER WILDS

          5                             VIC               KENSLER                 TABLE CREEK

         11                             VIC               KENSLER                 WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             VIC               KENSLER                 ELKS CLUB

         14                             VIC               KENSLER                 FREMONT C C

         17                             VIC               KENSLER                 PINES CC

         18                             VIC               KENSLER                 YANKEE HILL

         19                             VIC               KENSLER                 TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   VIC                 KENSLER

          3                             MIKE             KELLEN                    RIVER WILDS

          5                             MIKE             KELLEN                    TABLE CREEK

         11                             MIKE             KELLEN                    WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             MIKE             KELLEN                    ELKS CLUB

         14                             MIKE             KELLEN                    FREMONT C C

         17                             MIKE             KELLEN                    PINES CC

         18                             MIKE             KELLEN                    YANKEE HILL

         19                             MIKE             KELLEN                    TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   TOM               KERR

          2                                                                                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          6                                                                                   BENT TREE

          9                                                                                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         12                                                                                   ELKS CLUB

         17                                                                                   PINES CC

         19                                                                                   TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   JAMES           KIRCHNER

          4                             PAUL            SALANSKY               OAK HILLS CC

          9                             PAUL            SALANSKY               FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         13                             PAUL            SALANSKY               HIGHLANDS

         18                             PAUL            SALANSKY               YANKEE HILL


   JOHN             KLOPP

          3                             TOM             CROSS                     RIVER WILDS

          4                             TOM             CROSS                     OAK HILLS CC

          6                             TOM             CROSS                     BENT TREE

          8                             TOM             CROSS                     WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         14                             TOM             CROSS                     FREMONT C C

         15                             TOM             CROSS                     PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             TOM             CROSS                     FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             TOM             CROSS                     PINES CC

         18                             TOM             CROSS                     YANKEE HILL


   BILL                KNICKMAN

          5                             JOHN            WEHLING                 TABLE CREEK

          6                             PAUL            SALANSKY               BENT TREE

         10                             BRUCE         MERRILL                  IRON HORSE

         11                             GARY           STRANGE                 WOODLAND HILLS GC

         13                             JOHN            WEHLING                 HIGHLANDS

         15                             DEAN            THOMSON                PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB


         18                             DEAN            THOMSON                YANKEE HILL


   LARRY           KOESTER

         10                             JOSEPH       SATHER                   IRON HORSE

         11                             JOSEPH       SATHER                   WOODLAND HILLS GC


   JOHN             KRAJICEK

          1                             TERRY         HEXUM                     ASHLAND

          2                             JIM               STEWART                THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             TERRY         HEXUM                     RIVER WILDS

          4                             TERRY         HEXUM                     OAK HILLS CC

          5                             TERRY         HEXUM                     TABLE CREEK

          6                             TERRY         HEXUM                     BENT TREE

          7                             TERRY         HEXUM                     WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             TERRY         HEXUM                     WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             TERRY         HEXUM                     FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             TERRY         HEXUM                     IRON HORSE

         11                             TERRY         HEXUM                     WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             TERRY         HEXUM                     ELKS CLUB

         13                             JIM               STEWART                HIGHLANDS

         16                             TERRY         HEXUM                     FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             TERRY         HEXUM                     PINES CC

         18                             TERRY         HEXUM                     YANKEE HILL


   ED                  KRESHA

          8                             DANIEL         JANICEK                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             DANIEL         JANICEK                   IRON HORSE

         11                             DANIEL         JANICEK                   WOODLAND HILLS GC

         13                             DANIEL         JANICEK                   HIGHLANDS

         16                             DANIEL         JANICEK                   FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB


   DAVID            KRUEGER

          2                             KEVIN           HUGHES                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             MARSHALL   CHRISTENSEN         RIVER WILDS

          4                             ROGER         NELSON                   OAK HILLS CC

          5                             ROGER         NELSON                   TABLE CREEK

          6                             ROGER         NELSON                   BENT TREE

          7                             TRACY         BAHLE                      WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA



          3                             JIM               STEWART                RIVER WILDS

          4                             JIM               STEWART                OAK HILLS CC

          5                             JIM               STEWART                TABLE CREEK

          6                             JIM               STEWART                BENT TREE

          8                             JIM               STEWART                WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         11                             JIM               STEWART                WOODLAND HILLS GC

         14                             JIM               STEWART                FREMONT C C

         16                             JIM               STEWART                FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         19                             JIM               STEWART                TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   JIM                 KUCKS


          1                             DENNIS        SIDES                       ASHLAND

          2                             DENNIS        SIDES                       THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             DENNIS        SIDES                       RIVER WILDS

          4                             DENNIS        SIDES                       OAK HILLS CC

          6                             DENNIS        SIDES                       BENT TREE

          7                             DENNIS        SIDES                       WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             DENNIS        SIDES                       WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             DENNIS        SIDES                       FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             DENNIS        SIDES                       IRON HORSE

         11                             DENNIS        SIDES                       WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             DENNIS        SIDES                       ELKS CLUB

         13                             DENNIS        SIDES                       HIGHLANDS

         14                             DENNIS        SIDES                       FREMONT C C

         15                             DENNIS        SIDES                       PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             DENNIS        SIDES                       FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             DENNIS        SIDES                       PINES CC

         18                             DENNIS        SIDES                       YANKEE HILL

         19                             DENNIS        SIDES                       TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   TED                KURTENBACH

         10                             CHUCK         KURTENBACH          IRON HORSE

         12                             CHUCK         KURTENBACH          ELKS CLUB

         13                             CHUCK         KURTENBACH          HIGHLANDS

         16                             CHUCK         KURTENBACH          FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         19                             CHUCK         KURTENBACH          TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE



         10                             TED              KURTENBACH          IRON HORSE

         12                             TED              KURTENBACH          ELKS CLUB

         13                             TED              KURTENBACH          HIGHLANDS

         16                             TED              KURTENBACH          FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         19                             TED              KURTENBACH          TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   LON                LARSON

          8                             JIM               HANEY                     WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             JIM               HANEY                     FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             JIM               HANEY                     IRON HORSE

         12                             LES               ORY                          ELKS CLUB

         16                             JIM               HANEY                     FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             LES               ORY                          YANKEE HILL

         19                             JIM               HANEY                     TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   GARY             LIEN

          3                             KEVIN           ADAMS                     RIVER WILDS

         15                             KEVIN           ADAMS                     PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB


   KENT             LIND

         10                                                                                   IRON HORSE

         12                             MONTY         FREDRICKSON         ELKS CLUB

         13                             EARL            LUETKENHAUS        HIGHLANDS

         14                             BOB              MAY                          FREMONT C C

         15                             MONTY         FREDRICKSON         PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB


         18                             EARL            LUETKENHAUS        YANKEE HILL


   GREG             LITHERLAND

          4                             THOM           DONALDSON            OAK HILLS CC

          8                             RON             WALL                        WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             STEVE          SCHMIDT                 IRON HORSE

         11                             BRUCE         HARRIS                    WOODLAND HILLS GC

         13                             THOM           DONALDSON            HIGHLANDS

         16                             THOM           DONALDSON            FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         19                             THOM           DONALDSON            TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   BRUCE           LITTLE

          3                             RON             WALL                        RIVER WILDS

         10                             RON             WALL                        IRON HORSE

         13                             RON             WALL                        HIGHLANDS

         16                             RON             WALL                        FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             RON             WALL                        YANKEE HILL

         19                             JOHN            KAMPSCHNIEDER    TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   GREG             LOGSDON

          1                             DOUG           STAGEMEYER          ASHLAND

          2                             BILL              PALMER                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             BILL              PALMER                   RIVER WILDS

          4                             DOUG           STAGEMEYER          OAK HILLS CC

          5                             DOUG           STAGEMEYER          TABLE CREEK

          9                             DOUG           STAGEMEYER          FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         11                             BILL              PALMER                   WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             BILL              PALMER                   ELKS CLUB

         13                             DOUG           STAGEMEYER          HIGHLANDS

         14                             BILL              PALMER                   FREMONT C C

         15                             DOUG           STAGEMEYER          PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             BILL              PALMER                   FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             DOUG           STAGEMEYER          PINES CC

         18                             BILL              PALMER                   YANKEE HILL


   BOYD             LONG

          3                             MIKE             MEINKE                    RIVER WILDS

          6                             MIKE             MEINKE                    BENT TREE

         13                             MIKE             MEINKE                    HIGHLANDS

         17                             MIKE             MEINKE                    PINES CC



          4                             RAYNE         BALWANZ                 OAK HILLS CC


   RANDY           LUEBE

          1                             ROBERT       BOSILJEVAC            ASHLAND

          3                             ROGER         WELTE                     RIVER WILDS

          6                             ROGER         WELTE                     BENT TREE

          8                             RICHARD      SHEPHERD              WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             ROGER         WELTE                     IRON HORSE

         11                             ROBERT       BOSILJEVAC            WOODLAND HILLS GC

         16                             ROBERT       BOSILJEVAC            FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             ROGER         WELTE                     PINES CC


         18                             RICHARD      SHEPHERD              YANKEE HILL


   EARL              LUETKENHAUS

         12                             DENNIS        THEILEN                   ELKS CLUB

         13                             KENT            LIND                         HIGHLANDS

         17                             DENNIS        THEILEN                   PINES CC

         18                             KENT            LIND                         YANKEE HILL


   DAVID            LYON

          2                             JACK            WILSON                    THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             JACK            WILSON                    RIVER WILDS

         13                             JACK            WILSON                    HIGHLANDS

         16                             JACK            WILSON                    FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         16                             JACK            WILSON                    FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         19                             JACK            WILSON                    TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE



          4                                                                                   OAK HILLS CC


   LARRY           MAI

          4                             TOM             SEDDON                   OAK HILLS CC

          5                             MIKE             JOHNSON                TABLE CREEK

          6                             TOM             SEDDON                   BENT TREE

          8                                                                                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         11                             MIKE             JOHNSON                WOODLAND HILLS GC

         19                             RICK             BREUNIG                  TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   FRANK           MANCUSO

          4                             CHARLES     MURRIN                   OAK HILLS CC

          6                             CHARLES     MURRIN                   BENT TREE

         13                             CHARLES     MURRIN                   HIGHLANDS


   LYLE              MARQUIS

         14                             BRUCE         MOSEMAN                FREMONT C C

         15                             BRUCE         MOSEMAN                PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             BRUCE         MOSEMAN                FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB


   BRIAN            MARTA

          9                             TOM             MULLER                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         12                             TOM             MULLER                   ELKS CLUB

         17                             TOM             MULLER                   PINES CC


   ROBERT        MATT

          2                             MIKE             BURNS                     THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          4                             DAN              PETERSEN               OAK HILLS CC

          6                             DAN              PETERSEN               BENT TREE

          8                             DAN              PETERSEN               WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                                                                                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             DAN              PETERSEN               IRON HORSE

         11                                                                                   WOODLAND HILLS GC

         13                             DAN              PETERSEN               HIGHLANDS

         15                                                                                   PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             DAN              PETERSEN               FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                                                                                   PINES CC


         18                                                                                   YANKEE HILL

         19                                                                                   TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   BILL                MAVITY

          2                             ART              ESTES                      THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

         11                             ART              ESTES                      WOODLAND HILLS GC

         16                             ART              ESTES                      FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         19                             ART              ESTES                      TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   BOB               MAY

          2                                                                                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          2                                                                                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          5                                                                                   TABLE CREEK

         14                             KENT            LIND                         FREMONT C C


   KENT             MCARDLE

          1                             MURRAY      MCARDLE                 ASHLAND

          2                             STEVEN       OCONNOR               THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          4                             MURRAY      MCARDLE                 OAK HILLS CC

          5                             MURRAY      MCARDLE                 TABLE CREEK

         11                             MURRAY      MCARDLE                 WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             STEVEN       OCONNOR               ELKS CLUB

         15                             MURRAY      MCARDLE                 PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             MURRAY      MCARDLE                 FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             MURRAY      MCARDLE                 PINES CC

         18                             STEVEN       OCONNOR               YANKEE HILL

         19                             MURRAY      MCARDLE                 TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   DAVE             MCARDLE

          4                             SCOTT         FAGOT                     OAK HILLS CC

         11                             SCOTT         FAGOT                     WOODLAND HILLS GC

         16                             SCOTT         FAGOT                     FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB



          1                             KENT            MCARDLE                 ASHLAND

          4                             KENT            MCARDLE                 OAK HILLS CC

          5                             KENT            MCARDLE                 TABLE CREEK

         11                             KENT            MCARDLE                 WOODLAND HILLS GC

         15                             KENT            MCARDLE                 PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             KENT            MCARDLE                 FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             KENT            MCARDLE                 PINES CC

         19                             KENT            MCARDLE                 TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   LANCE           MCCLAREN

          4                             DAN              TAYLOR                   OAK HILLS CC

          5                             DAN              TAYLOR                   TABLE CREEK

         14                             DAN              TAYLOR                   FREMONT C C

         15                             DAN              TAYLOR                   PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         17                             DAN              TAYLOR                   PINES CC

         19                             DAN              TAYLOR                   TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   MAC               MCKOWN

          3                             BOB              STIEFEL                   RIVER WILDS

          6                             BOB              STIEFEL                   BENT TREE


         10                             BOB              STIEFEL                   IRON HORSE

         17                             BOB              STIEFEL                   PINES CC

         19                             BOB              STIEFEL                   TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   MARK             McVOY

          5                                                                                   TABLE CREEK


   MIKE              MEINKE

          3                             BOYD           LONG                       RIVER WILDS

          6                             BOYD           LONG                       BENT TREE

         13                             BOYD           LONG                       HIGHLANDS

         17                             BOYD           LONG                       PINES CC


   BRUCE           MERRILL

          5                             DEAN            THOMSON                TABLE CREEK

          6                             GARY           STRANGE                 BENT TREE

          7                             GARY           STRANGE                 WILLOW LAKES GC

         10                             BILL              KNICKMAN               IRON HORSE

         11                             JOHN            WEHLING                 WOODLAND HILLS GC

         19                             GARY           STRANGE                 TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   JOHN             MILLER

          3                             JOE              BEVERIDGE             RIVER WILDS

          6                             JOE              BEVERIDGE             BENT TREE

          8                             JOE              BEVERIDGE             WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         11                             JOE              BEVERIDGE             WOODLAND HILLS GC

         14                             JOE              BEVERIDGE             FREMONT C C

         18                             JOE              BEVERIDGE             YANKEE HILL

         19                             JOE              BEVERIDGE             TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   CLIVE             MOORE

         13                             DENNIS        THEILEN                   HIGHLANDS


   DWIGHT         MORRIS

         13                             DEAN            NERVIG                    HIGHLANDS

         19                             DEAN            NERVIG                    TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   BRUCE           MORROW

          6                             MIKE             BURNS                     BENT TREE

         11                             MIKE             BURNS                     WOODLAND HILLS GC

         14                             MIKE             BURNS                     FREMONT C C

         16                             MIKE             BURNS                     FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                             MIKE             BURNS                     YANKEE HILL


   BRUCE           MOSEMAN

         14                             LYLE             MARQUIS                 FREMONT C C

         15                             LYLE             MARQUIS                 PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             LYLE             MARQUIS                 FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB


   DON               MOSES

          1                             DAVID           KACHEK                   ASHLAND

          8                             DAVID           KACHEK                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             DAVID           KACHEK                   IRON HORSE

         13                             DAVID           KACHEK                   HIGHLANDS


   JERRY           MRKVICKA


          2                                                                                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          4                             THOMAS      DORR                       OAK HILLS CC

          6                                                                                   BENT TREE

         12                                                                                   ELKS CLUB

         17                                                                                   PINES CC

         19                             THOMAS      DORR                       TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   JIM                 MUELLER

         10                             JOHN            TROUT                     IRON HORSE

         18                             JOHN            TROUT                     YANKEE HILL



          1                             ROD             ANDERSON              ASHLAND

          2                             ROD             ANDERSON              THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             ROD             ANDERSON              RIVER WILDS

          4                             ROD             ANDERSON              OAK HILLS CC

          5                             ROD             ANDERSON              TABLE CREEK

          7                             ROD             ANDERSON              WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             ROD             ANDERSON              WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             ROD             ANDERSON              FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                                                                                   IRON HORSE

         11                             ROD             ANDERSON              WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             ROD             ANDERSON              ELKS CLUB

         13                             ROD             ANDERSON              HIGHLANDS

         14                             ROD             ANDERSON              FREMONT C C

         15                             ROD             ANDERSON              PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             ROD             ANDERSON              FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             ROD             ANDERSON              PINES CC

         18                             ROD             ANDERSON              YANKEE HILL

         19                             ROD             ANDERSON              TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   JOE                MULLER

          9                             JOHN            KAMPSCHNIEDER    FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         12                             JOHN            KAMPSCHNIEDER    ELKS CLUB

         17                             JOHN            KAMPSCHNIEDER    PINES CC


   TOM               MULLER

          9                             BRIAN           MARTA                     FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         12                             BRIAN           MARTA                     ELKS CLUB

         17                             BRIAN           MARTA                     PINES CC


   BEN                MURRAY

          3                             GENE           POPPE                     RIVER WILDS

         11                             GENE           POPPE                     WOODLAND HILLS GC


   BOB               MURRAY

          9                             ANDY            VASSIOS                  FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         17                             ANDY            VASSIOS                  PINES CC



          2                             JAMES          FINDLAY                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          4                             FRANK          MANCUSO                OAK HILLS CC

          6                             FRANK          MANCUSO                BENT TREE

          7                             JAMES          FINDLAY                   WILLOW LAKES GC


         13                             FRANK          MANCUSO                HIGHLANDS

         18                             JAMES          FINDLAY                   YANKEE HILL


   KEVIN            MYERS

          2                                                                                   THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             GARTH         VOPALENSKY           RIVER WILDS

          8                                                                                   WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

         10                             GARTH         VOPALENSKY           IRON HORSE

         11                                                                                   WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             GARTH         VOPALENSKY           ELKS CLUB

         13                                                                                   HIGHLANDS

         14                             GARTH         VOPALENSKY           FREMONT C C

         15                                                                                   PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             GARTH         VOPALENSKY           FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         18                                                                                   YANKEE HILL

         19                                                                                   TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   IRA                 NATHAN

          1                             LARRY          FISHER                     ASHLAND

          9                             JIM               HARKNESS               FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         13                             JIM               HARKNESS               HIGHLANDS

         17                             ROGER         REDMOND                PINES CC


   ROGER          NELSON

          1                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            ASHLAND

          2                             LES               ORY                          THE PLAYERS CLUB FRONT/HIGHLAND

          3                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            RIVER WILDS

          4                             DAVID           KRUEGER                OAK HILLS CC

          5                             DAVID           KRUEGER                TABLE CREEK

          6                             DAVID           KRUEGER                BENT TREE

          7                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            WILLOW LAKES GC

          8                             LES               ORY                          WILDERNESS RIDGE GC

          9                             KEVIN           HUGHES                   FIELD CLUB OF OMAHA

         10                             DAVID           KRUEGER                IRON HORSE

         11                             DAVID           KRUEGER                WOODLAND HILLS GC

         12                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            ELKS CLUB

         13                             LES               ORY                          HIGHLANDS

         14                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            FREMONT C C

         15                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            PLATTEVIEW GOLF  CLUB

         16                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            FIRETHORN GOLF CLUB

         17                             DAVID           KRUEGER                PINES CC

         18                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            YANKEE HILL

         19                             ROGER         BRESNAHAN            TIBURON GC MAKO / GR WHITE


   DEAN             NERVIG