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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

First Event the End of This Month

The first event Table Creek will be at the end of April. I have just had a twosome cancel so there is an opening again. I could use either a single or a twosome to refill Table Creek. There are still a lot of openings at Quail Run. It's a nice drive to Columbus and they always give us a good meal. Several of the remaining events are nearly full check the participates page. So if you are on the fence nows the time to hope off. Still need a single at Arbor too.



9:08 pm edt 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

There are now several events that have filled up. I would still like to have some golfers on the waiting list encase of cancellations. So if you have interest in an event but it is full you may still be able to get in. Keep in mind cancellations don't seem to occur until one or two days before the event. So if you want on the list you will have to have some flexibility in your schedule. Roger
6:16 pm edt 

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